Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- December 1st Edition

I have been a pretty bad blogger as of late. Granted my notebook is getting filled up with ideas and thoughts but without a computer I can not post those thoughts and get feedback. Luckily enough in the next week or two I will go get my new computer! Going Apple baby! Anyway here is what I have been in love with from November 17th until today.

--Braving the wind to go to my first college football game with David. It was Army vs. Rutgers University at Yankee Stadium of all places. The funny thing is I said my hands were cold and a young gentleman turned around and gave me his gloves from the NYC Marathon! It was a nice gesture. Army lost though. :(

~~Hot apple cider with apple cider doughnuts....mmmm....

~~Having advanced screening tickets for Breaking Dawn Part One on November 17th at 8pm. It was a truly magical experience talking with fans. I even won some prizes! I won a autographed doctor scrub from Peter Facinelli (he plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen...get it?), a Twilight Saga Scene It DVD game, a Vampire baseball keychain/bag charm, a Twilight inspired wine charm set, and a host of other goodies that I am blanking out on.

~~Having clementines for lunch.

~~No lines at my bank!

~~National Metal Day (11/11/11) lasting all month.

~~Clean winter boots.

~~Learning to say no, even though I am sick with loneliness lately.

~~Pretty labels for stationary.

~~Using my scarf as a makeshift hood when it rains.

~~A one man one act play.

~~Having the ability to stretch forward and pout my palms on the floor.

~~Giving books to my friends.

~~Pumpkin pancakes!

~~My brothers sense of humor.

~~Crisp cold air in my face.

~~Time with music I love.

What are you so much in love with this week? Also Much thanks to those who commented on my Happy Haulidays post! Let us all cross our fingers and hope to win!

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