Monday, September 6, 2010

I Have Missed You: Vacation Blog: Chicago

Oh boy this past week has been a whirlwind of adventure. David and I traveled to Chicago on August 27th through August 31st; was home in NYC for one day then traveled to Atlanta on September 2nd through September 5th. I know I know..why did I not get a connecting flight from Chicago to Atlanta? Simple--the stuff I wanted to bring with me to Atlanta was still at home so I needed time to repack and everything.

So let us move now to the discussion of our trips!

Trip 1; Chicago, Illnois

All I kept hearing when I said I was going to Chicago for a little vacation, I heard "Why Chicago? What is in Chicago?" It amazes me to no end that people of this nation do not want to get out of their comfort zone and go exploring this great country of ours, but that is them and not me.

Our flight was at 7am with a 930am landing, which in central time is 830am. I gained an hour! Woohoo! I am one of those people with a irrational fear of flying, but I have beaten that fear into submission by following some tips from Gala Darling's Love and Sequins #10. In my carry on, I had a book and my iPod with my headphones as well as a empty water bottle and a cozy blanket. I also dressed really warm and got comfy into the seat. What amazed me is the fact that I did not need a seat belt extender! I always asked for one, but now I do not have to. Go me. The landing and takeoff were insanely smooth and I met loads of friendly people along the way on the plane.

After getting our bags and finding a cab, we took a nice 45 minute ride to our hotel. Yes that is right--45 MINUTES. Everything in Chicago is nice and spread out. You best be in shape, or at least have comfortable shoes, for the treks in Chicago. Luckily our hotel was about three blocks away from Northwestern University, so I knew we were in a safe area. After a quick nap and shower, off we went to explore!

Our first stop was Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. This ball park has a old time feeling. No electronic scoreboard of today--they still use the removable score numbers and team names. The men that work inside that scoreboard must be insanely sweaty. We were too after this tour. No elevators, no escalators. If you are handicapped or again not in shape/no comfortable shoes DO NOT GO TO WRIGLEY FIELD. If you ever went on a ballpark tour before you know that most of it is going to the bleacher area, press box, visitors locker room, home team locker room, and if it is not a game day the field and the dugouts. It was a lot of fun visiting this ball park and the home of the Cubs. As they call it--The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. There were pretty friendly and amazing.

We stopped into a couple of sports stores along the way and then went onto the US Cellular Field to see the Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees. This ball park did not have the excitement and nostalgia like Wrigley. It was a fun game. Tried a ilotay which was corn with cheese and salt and pepper. It was okay. After the game and a long train ride, back to the hotel for sleep.

The next day we were off to Sears Tower/Skydeck Chicago. The views are spectacular. The waiting on line to get to it though was a horror. Took a lot of photos on the Skydeck Ledge which is a big glass block that you can look straight down on. David was so scared but he tried it out. It was fun but the crowds and the way it was controlled could have been better.

After a long walk to the train station, we were off to the Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals game. As a football fan I was looking forward to this game. Jay Cutler on the Chicago Bears has a incredible arm. We got to the stadium and the security there has to be one of the rudest security ever. The girl who searched David's bag acted like a police officer. Do not fret, we did complain and hopefully something will come out of it. Soldier Field is another field that is just okay. Nothing different in terms of concessions. Lots of nostalgia though on the walls. After about a mile and a half hike in the humidity of Chicago, we made it to the train station where our cab driver could pick us up. Everything around the field was closed off and traffic beyond traffic. It was insane.

We then went onto Steak and Shake which David constantly raves about, but I just do not see the appeal. It is a Midwest version of Wendy's to me. After eating we were off to sleep.

On Sunday we had another Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees game but today was FRANK THOMAS DAY. It was a good thing we got there early as there was lines upon lines to get in. Why? FRANK THOMAS BOBBLEHEAD. I did not see the point but he is an icon in Chicago so I understood. I got these great Tex-Mex nachos for $8 dollars and it was huge. Definitely filling.

After the game, David and I met up with his friend Morgan to have the greatest Chicago deep dish pizza known as GIORDANO'S. Oh my goodness...the Uno's out on the East Coast have no idea. This pizza had to be the best thing ever. We got a large Tropic stuffed pizza and I had to eat it with a fork. That is how good it was. After a while I could pick up the slice and mind you, no one spoke while we ate. You know that is a sign of good stuff. Traveled back to the hotel and just relaxed.

Monday was our last day in Chicago so we tried to make it count. We went to the John Hancock Observatory which is 100 times better than Sears Tower and went on a great sightseeing cruise. The weather was definitely with us today. Walked into the Chicago Tribune but could only go to the lobby due to September 11th. Also walked Magnificent Mile for a little bit then we made our way back to Wrigley Field to be BLEACHER CREATURES. That was a lot of fun except for this one guy who kept on yelling about Tyler Colvin wearing #21. Also a bunch of kids glamored all of the baseballs, including one that was thrown to me. I said come on dude what are you going to do with all of those baseballs and he said he would sell me one! I said um no and sat down. I also became a super fan and yelled at the Pittsburgh Players something fierce. It was a lot of fun. We left after 5 innings to try Hawaiian food at Aloha Eats and I did not like it. It did not agree with me. Went back to the hotel, took some Gas-X and went to sleep.

Tuesday we got up early and went to Ann Sather Restaurant which was featured on Food Network. I got their Swedish Breakfast Sampler and it was so nummy but a lot of food. Afterward went back to the hotel, took a nap together followed by some adult fun, packed up our stuff and off to the airport. It was a great trip. I loved every second of it. Can not wait to return!

Other awesomeness from Chicago: That the ticket agents at Delta were very courteous, how I got complimentary magazines from Delta Airlines, No use for a seat belt extender on the plane, how the history of Chicago is vast and wide, how the people of Chicago are very accomodating and friendly, the sports fandom in Chicago is louder than ours and it was great.

For pictures from the vacation go here: Pictures from Chicago, Illinois

Stay tuned for blog #2 all about ATLANTA!

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