Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy and Grateful Tuesday #5: 9/28th Edition

Stress...Work....it has been the death of me lately. In the State of New Jersey, there are a lot of shady business practices going on in the world of education and it is affecting myself as well as other superb teachers in the area. Also the movie "Waiting for Superman" has put everyone at the edge of their seats, even though the movie only tells part of the story of charter schools and does not bother to look at/examine the teachers that ARE "Superman" or in my case "Wonder Woman" as that does not bring in money or ratings. With that said, let me apologize for one not being up to date with my blog reading and leaving comments and two for not posting as much as I used to over the summer. I will still always be here in some form and capacity though. With that here is the HG!

I am so happy and grateful for nice clean sheets on my bed to roll around in when I get home from a tiring day at work.

I am so happy and grateful for fresh peaches from Georgia that drip juice down your chin and make you go nomnomnom as you eat it.

What are you so happy and grateful for?


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