Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- September 29th Edition

Another busy week...had a cold but with some NyQuil and sleep I was able to beat it into submission! I am still kind of stuffy in the nose but that does not mean I do not notice what has been fueling my love this week!

Here is what I have been in love with this week:

~~Meeting a letterer for DC Comics on the PATH train home. It was just so random...he was wearing a Detective Comics t-shirt and I go to ask him about the New 52 and which ones he has read/liked and then he just dropped the bomb of where he works. Yay for making new friends and to myself for being a queen of small talk!

~~The grilled cheese, tomato soup, and mixed greens I had for brunch on Saturday 9/24 at this open air restaurant called Belcourt on East 4th Street and 2nd Avenue.

~~Reading a comic book in my favorite Starbucks and almost getting a number!

~~Being a kid at heart.

~~Getting extra sleep.

~~This next one will sound bad of me but considering my opinion on Michael Vick I loved this: The Giants winning against the Eagles and the Giants breaking Vick's hand.

~~The great effort of the New York Jets when they faced the Oakland Raiders.

What are you in love with this week?

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