Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Milk and Honey Pedicure at Blush

I am a member on this discount site called Gilt City New York. Every couple of days I get numerous discount offers on trendy restaurants, trendy beauty regimens, trendy beauty places, even concerts and screenings of movies before they are released. Well at the beginning of September I received a 50 percent discount voucher for a Milk and Honey Pedicure at Blush, a trendy nail salon in the East Village.

Here is the description of the service: A special milk, honey, and chrysanthemum bath will be followed by a homemade sugar foot scrub, callus eliminator treatment, honey leg rub, ten-minute massage, and paraffin treatment.

My appointment today was at 2pm but I got there early, just in case. When I walked in, I will admit I did feel the hipster/fashionista vibe going on but that does not stop me. I was told to hang out for a little bit as the person who was taking care of me was busy. I have no problem hanging...that is what magazines and books are for!

After picking out my nail polish, which is a metallic sparkly red I was instructed to go to the station...which is a big comfy chair just for me and a white basin filled with warm milk and flowers -- just like the description. Here is a picture to prove its worthiness:
There are only three of these stations by the way so if you do go here, make sure you have an appointment. Anyway let me continue..

The person taking care of me today -- her name was Sandy. She carried my bag, which I usually do not let a lot of people do because it can be heavy sometimes, over to the station which had a hook for it. Another score! Most places do not have that; or the places I have been to. I took off my shoes, climbed up the two steps and put my feet into this luxurious warm milk bath. It felt so good. Sandy did the basics -- cut my nails, filed, and then put this callus treatment all over my feet. Her hands, which were gloved (yay sanitary!) were nice and firm because I have the ticklish feet ever. I told her that up front and she said "Don't worry. I know what to do." Most people who have given me pedicures have such a light touch with scrubbing my feet with the pumice stone that either causes me to jerk my leg or laugh uncontrollably. Not here. Sandy scrubbed my feet into the softness oblivion I have ever received. Another plus!

After the scrubbing and a generous amount of sugar scrub -- which is much welcomed -- she massaged my legs and feet with warm honey. Yes honey, the stuff you put in your tea or on your Grape Nuts cereal. I thought it was pretty weird too but after about 3 minutes my legs and feet felt so good. Her massage technique did NOT include the pounding of the fists on the feet and legs which I hate. It was pure kneading goodness. After this came the regular lotion, pushing of cuticles back, base coat, nail polish, top coat routine. She was so precise with the application of the nail polish as well and if any dripped on my skin, she was quick with a orange stick dipped in nail polish remover to remove the snags.

Now this next part for me is very crucial -- standing and getting down from a pedicure station with wet nail polish takes some maneuvering. Not here. I swung my legs around the basin, stood up, and walk down the two steps to the bottom and went right to the nail drying area with a big smile on my face.

Blush -- I think you have a new customer. While I enjoy Galleria Nail Salon in Alphabet City this place will get my business with pedicures. Blush is located at 218 East 5th Street between Cooper Square and 2nd Avenue. Give it a shot! Here is their website for more info -- Blush Nails Lounge

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