Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- September 22nd Edition

It has been an interesting week...yes I did not post a TiLT last week and that was due to being busy all week so here is a two week TiLT!

Here is what I have been in love with for the past two weeks:

~~Seeing The Big 4 with my brother in Yankee Stadium. Rocked my face off.
~~A good seat on the train.
~~Losing weight without even trying.
~~My organizational skills.
~~The history of Atlanta.
~~Having people in my life who have the same views.
~~Anticipating fall color!
~~Hugs from my students. There is one student who does not leave until he hugs me goodbye. It is so cute.
~~People watching in parks.
~~Watching the Jets vs. Cowboys game through texts.
~~David cuddling my arm on the subway and the way his head leans on my shoulder when he is tired.
~~Having ideas float in mind for a book. Yes I am thinking about writing a book.
~~Starbucks Chai after a busy day.
~~My students! So cute and love to learn!
~~That two of my students would rather read their beginning books than color their take me home books.
~~Sitting by the window in Starbucks.
~~Being a Math geek.
~~The excellent Sunset Bites for Two dinner at Brick NYC on Warren Street.
~~Catching up with a good friend with good food.

What are you in love with this week?

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