Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pure Sheenius -- My Take on Charlie Sheens' Show at Radio City Music Hall

Something was going on tonight that I have waited six weeks not the next coming of Sting...I am talking about...


When he announced via his Twitter page that he was developing a stage show and then the first two shows were booked (Detroit and Chicago) I immediately posted on my Facebook advertising it and proclaiming the words "HE BETTER TAKE HIS SHOW TO NYC!"

Well I guess I was not the only one to proclaim those words because taking his show to NYC happened.

I arrived at Radio City about 630pm and was inside the building about 705pm. There was hardly anyone in the seats then all of the sudden BAM the building filled up. According to the ticket, he was supposed to hit the stage at 8pm...instead he hit the stage at 830pm. Okay 30 minutes late...but then again name a concert or event in NYC that starts on time.

He had this sidekick/interviewer with him and the stage show simply was an extended question and answer session. Charlie tried to tell stories about his various hotel escapades, Denise Richards, where the term Goddess came from, and so on. There was only one problem with this entire thing....THE AUDIENCE.

The audience would not shut up. Who was heckling...who was booing. Who was shouting WINNING or TOPLESS over and over. Who was constantly bitching and complaining next to me and no I am not talking about David.

Charlie stayed on the stage until 930pm. The house lights came up and that was that.

Now this is where my review comes in -- I am a Charlie Sheen fan. I have enjoyed all of his work from Ferris Buellers Day Off to Major League to Two and A Half Men. The man is a talented ACTOR. That is it. What are these audiences expecting? Do they expect Two and Half Men on stage? Do they expect the next coming of George Carlin (RIP)? I honestly have no idea. I think that if the audience would shut up and stop trying to get themselves over, then maybe they would enjoy the show. You spent the money to see CHARLIE SHEEN not CHARLIE HARPER or any of the other roles that he has portrayed. As Eric Bischoff has rightfully stated over and over CONTROVERSY CREATES CASH.Charlie has learned the fine art of social networking and marketing and because of the debacle that happened in Detroit, apparently it is the "cool" thing to bash Charlie Sheen and boo him out of the building. Well guess what folks? THAT DOES NOT WORK. Publicity is Publicity whether it is good or bad. Yes Charlie Sheen is an arrogant prick with a train wreck lifestyle but again what are you expecting? The man is a sheer genius. He marketed his show well. He advertised. He got social networking sites involved. Yes the ticket was pricey, do not get me wrong but guess what -- PEOPLE PAID. Then you have his merchandise at the show which people bought as well as on his website. If you want him to go away, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO HIM. Do not go outside of Radio City or any of the venues and try to get yourself over as a Charlie Sheen hater. Another line from a fellow wrestler April Hunter -- Don't Hate, Appreciate. You spent your hard earned money on him. If you truly do not like the show, there is the door. But again in this day and age you should have an open mind.

When I went to the show tonight I went to see Charlie Sheen. If I want to see any of his amazing work as an actor, I just have to turn on Channel 11 or FX or pop in a DVD. Was the stories he shared kind of dull? Not going to lie yes but he added some controversial quips here and there that did liven them up.

If you do decide to attend one of his shows, please remember this -- you are seeing CHARLIE SHEEN not one of his works on stage.


  1. I can see the audience vary at a show like this. I can't understand people paying a hundred bucks to heckle a guy, but if they are buying drinks at the event, paying for parking, maybe buying merchandise, then why would the performer or venue care? I don't get why people would pay the money and spend the time to heckle, but if they get enough pleasure to call it an enjoyable experience more power to them. Sucks that it may take away from the experience of the people that pay to enjoy the performer.

  2. People are paying to see the show to heckle him. I think you're missing that point. While a small portion may be "fans"... The Charlie Sheen hilarity has nothing to do with the actor. Actor Charlie Sheen checked out a long time ago. Charlie Sheen is a meme. People came out to see him to revel in the meme they created.

    Charlie himself is irrelevant to the whole thing. The internet and media made Charlie Sheen relevant. Not anything he did. Even though 2 and 1/2 Half Men was highly rated, it was all old people that watched that show. He got hip, off of the internet meme about all his stupid antics.

    Had he actually forged an entertaining show, you know, like Conan managed to do, people would enjoy it. It's obvious that Charlie is doing this for a buck (even though he doesn't need it) and the people who PAID to see him are going to enjoy themselves. If he won't put on a show, they'll make the show themselves.

    If he was any kind of real actor, he'd know how to adjust his material to the audience anyway. That's acting 101.

  3. To Newton Gimmick: An actor does not adjust his material...the writers do. He is simply given a script to read from. Obviously he does not have a writing staff for his show and maybe he needs one. Also I do not agree with paying for something to ruin someone elses time. Why pay to heckle? If you truly do not like the show, DO NOT PAY FOR IT. Don't go. If you bought tickets and listen to reviews/critics then sell them. Obviously people are not going to give two cents about someone they do not know but I do not agree with spending money to purposely ruin someones elses night. Of course he is doing it for a buck and people are falling right into it. Do not like him, want him to go away -- STOP PAYING ATTENTION. Controversy creates cash and that is what he did.

  4. I really don't think they were there to ruin the night for you. I guess we just see it different. I think most people bought tickets knowing it was going to be a trainwreck and saw it as an excuse to make jokes and be annoying and "oh hey look, Charlie Sheen's here too" was just another element.

    As for the acting thing, that's not really true. Any good actor worth his salt can adjust his material to suit an audience. You like wrestling right? Good wrestlers are the ones who can change the course of a match based on crowd reaction. The crowd does not always react that way it's "planned" and in those cases, you feed off that energy and do something different with it. Most actors start on stage and more often than not, no show is the same twice, because it's a live environment and stuff happens. Charlie may not be that talented to pull it off or is just too conceited to think his show needs retooling, I don't know, but I think he should be able to put on some sort of show that entertains the masses.

    The show seems poorly planned and just a cheap cash grab to me. I didn't go (nor would I) but from the all the reports, both good and bad, it just seems like there isn't much of a show there. If people are paying for a show, you'd best have something to entertain them with. Otherwise, the audience will revolt. Especially when that audience has come here on the basis that this is just some meme to be outlandish, to begin with.

    Just my .2, but I appreciate your passion and intelligent thoughts on the matter.

  5. Newton: I bought tickets before the debacle of Detroit. I think the majority of the crowd did as well so to buy tickets to be annoying in my eyes is just plain stupid. Why spend your hard earned money on that? Then again difference of opinion here. How did you find my blog in the first place? If you want to talk more off of this, feel free to email me at *hugs*

  6. I agree with you. I don't ever believe it is right to take time out of your day to go out of your way to be mean to another human being. Even if you don't agree with what they have to say. It's just lame! It doesn't cost anything to be nice. Anyone disappointed with the show doesn't have to go back, be a fan of Charlie's anymore, or whatever. I do not feel that they have the right to get drunk off their ass in the audience yelling a bunch of nonsense the whole entire time. I'm sorry, it ruins everyone else's experience. Plain and simple. I was there and it was pissing me off too. It made it difficult to hear and I'm sure it was hard for Charlie to concentrate on stage. Those people should have been kicked out for creating a disturbance.


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