Friday, April 15, 2011

Living Out Of My Suitcase

About two weeks ago, I packed my trusty red suitcase and off I went to Atlanta, Georgia for WWE Wrestlemania 27 weekend. Now I packed my trusty red suitcase and at 6am tomorrow morning I will be on a flight for TNA Lockdown weekend. What is it about wrestling that adds to my excitement for travel? Personally I hate flying. I decided on the flight coming back from Atlanta to sit in the window seat. Um NO. Never again. I had the worse pressure headache to the point that I could not even enjoy my heavy metal pumping into my ears. This time no I will sit in the aisle and hope that the middle seat is open so I can place my bright hot pink Roxy oversized tote (thank you Michael!) on the seat and listen to my heavy metal in peace. Maybe use my Delta coupon for a free cocktail...but then again flying at 6am...what cocktail goes best for a really early morning flight? I am thinking Bloody Mary....anyway....I wanted to leave a quick note that I will be away for the next four days so if you are on my Twitter I doubt I will be updating/tweeting as my phone does not have the greatest Twitter application in the world BUT Facebook works MARVELOUSLY on my phone. Then again, you could always just text me....thats if you have the number as well as email!

What I Plan on Visiting in Cincinnati:
--The Great American Ball Park to see the Cincinnati Reds play. Spring has not officially started for me yet until I see a baseball game.
--Skyline Chili
--Of course TNA Lockdown
--Carew Tower
--William Howard Taft National Historic Site
--Rookwood Pottery Bistro
--Terry's Turf Club
--Blue Ash Chili Restaurant

Talk to you all soon.

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