Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joisey Girl Travels: Cincinnati, Ohio (Day 1)

Today has been an interesting day...first we come into Cincinnati and it starts raining in which our shuttle driver to our hotel gets lost in the airport. Now we usually stay at the Best Western but this time we are staying at the Wingate by Wyndham. Oh my goodness..we have a large plasma television, a little reading nook, Neutrogena bath products, king size bed...the works. I can not believe it. After a nice hot shower we were on our way to Northern Kentucky Convention Center for TNA Wrestling Fan Interaction!

Our cab driver Mike, in which I affectionately dubbed him Heavy Metal Mike as his car always had heavy metal music blasting is a big time wrestling fan with lots of stories and he knew his wrestling history. We were dropped off around 1030am, got our tickets, and most of the day was known as the ride of lines. Lines everywhere! They were ridiculous. I was very glad I got the majority of TNA Wrestling talent down in Daytona Beach, Florida in October.

I had a great conversation with Kurt Angle about the retirement of Edge, how Edge should have had the same surgery Kurt did that involved no metal, finding his engraving of his gold medal win in Atlanta, his dietary supplement company, his Twitter drama, and overall writing of wrestling. We were spoken to by security for taking up most of his time but Kurt apologized for us because we got him so engaged in a conversation. So now that is twice that a wrestler has spoken up in my behalf!

At 4pm we were all ushered out so the main event session could be set up. This was the highlight of the day. Where else could you meet Hulk Hogan, Sting, Ric Flair, and Mick Foley all at the same time? Granted I have met Sting, Flair, and Foley before but never ever met Hogan. We were allowed back in and all of the sudden I spot Eric Bischoff. I knew he would be there due to his Facebook but had to get him somehow. I notice that a lot of the male fans were getting off the line to meet him so I figured why not do the same. Mind you, I was the ONLY FEMALE in attendance there who was a wrestling fan. Other females were there but were there with their husbands or families. Anyway, I step over the chain and immediately was met with a security guard who told me I could not do that. Yeah, like I am going to let that happen..I told him that others were doing it so I did it as well and how it was not fair that I was stopped but others were not. He apologized for that and then...Eric starts to walk toward me. He puts his hand on my shoulder, asked me politely to go back to the line, and will sign anything I want as well as take a photo with me. Of course I listened to Easy E, got his book Controversy Creates Cash signed, and took a photo with him. After that, he proceeded to move down the line to sign autographs and take pictures with people. Now imagine if I did not start some trouble...he probably would have stayed seated and twiddling his thumbs.

After waiting about 2 and 1/2 hours I finally meet Hulk Hogan. I thanked him for everything he has done for the business and that I hope to see him in a ring again soon. He said I was awesome, took the photo, signed my book and a 8x10 photo, and I was on my way. It was a quick meeting but a good one. Afterward, met Sting and Ric Flair and Mick Foley but it went by so fast that I do not remember what I said to them.

We had about an half hour to kill before we were off to the TNA Fan Interaction Dinner Cruise which was included with the VIP Package. Unfornuately due to the weather, the boat was docked for the night so it became a Cruise to Nowhere and dinner on a riverboat. Even though we did not sail, this cruise made up for the lame luau in Daytona Beach. Lots of laughter, Christopher Daniels and So Cal Val dancing, Captain Magnus, trying to get Karen and Jeff Jarrett to swing dance, great conversation and great food. The night ended at around 1030pm and we were back at our hotel by 1130pm. Stay tuned for Day 2! More picture from TNA Fan Interaction and Cruise can be found on my Facebook which the link is to the left on this page.

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