Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- February 3rd Edition

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! This year in Chinese Astrology is the Year of the Rabbit. I am a Horse in the realm of Chinese Astrology and here is what it says my year will be like: The freedom-loving and passionate Horse in the 2011 year of the white Metal Rabbit will plunge into the ocean of their own passions, and even the most prudent and calm representatives of this sign will experience an overwhelming desire to plunge into all serious ones and go with the flow of love experiences. Do you think Horse will surely fail yielding to emotions? Far from it! It is too strong to give in to circumstances, while emotions and feelings will only fuel his positive desire to create and build. This year will be good for Horses both in the professional and in the love field, though there will still be some difficult situations present there. Horses need to be more prudent and cautious in making decisions: everything that is dictated by emotions and feelings must pass through a cold filter of reason, and then he will not have to make reckless decisions whose consequences will have to be correct for a long time. Since love in the year 2011 of the metal rabbit goes through the life of a Horse like a red thread, he will not rest on one romance, but will leaf through partners like an interesting book, with each page where the story will become more interesting. Well, the strongest is always chosen - and the Horse this year will be as strong as ever - he shines at social events and works for five people having inspired by his hot passion.

At least this year will be better for me than last year! Woohoo!

Other things this week that make my heart swoon:

~~Having a hand lotion that really works
~~Making mix cd's that chronicle my life
~~Books that offer insight and inspiration
~~Scheduling ten Thought Tuesdays blog posts
~~Apples with cinnammon, cream cheese, and raisins on a flatbread. Nummyness!
~~Doing my own 2010 Federal and State taxes and finally getting a refund this year.
~~The rumours and discussion surrounding the possibility of Sting in WWE
~~Scheduling my first ever facial appointment at Just Calm Down Spa 15 days from now! So excited!
~~My phenomenal David for everything he does and is
~~Making new friends on Facebook through the power of Radical Self Love!
~~Finally seeing the sunshine for so long. COME ON VITAMIN D! GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT!

What are you in love with this week?

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