Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- February 24th Edition

What a week! With whirlwind travels to facials to having a weird bump on the back of my neck sending me into a crazed paranoia, this week has been oh so without further adieu this is what I am in love with this week:

~~The pit stop facial at Just Calm Down spa in NYC. Still need to write about it and I will later today!
~~Going to Atlantic City, NJ with David and winning $100 dollars.
~~Having hot showers beat down on the back of my neck to relieve pain.
~~Fresh bananas in the morning for my breakfast.
~~Turning off peoples complaints about EVERYTHING at work.
~~Feeling a sense of renewal with a new class for lunch duty.
~~David finding great tickets for Devils and Nets games.
~~David planning trips and excursions around my favorite pitcher Bronson Arroyo.
~~Having a big fluffy pillow for my head.
~~Twinings Citrus Orange tea before bed.
~~Having time to read before my students come in.
~~Anything that is open 24 hours, even if I do not need to go.
~~Having ideals and standards that no one else understands.
~~The sun coming up earlier and earlier each day. Means spring is on its way!
~~Getting a new phone with a touch screen and a keyboard.
~~New clothes that I found on clearance.
~~Old fashioned board games.
~~Getting myself ready for Oscar Night.
~~Tresemme' 24 Hour Body Hair Mousse. My hair is feeling the winter flats a lot and I love my hair to be BIG. Well this did the trick!
~~Tuning out the negativity of people at 8am at work.
~~The new black hipster skinny jeans I got. Now I understand the trend...

What are you in love with this week?

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  1. You have a lovely Blog, it makes me smile!


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