Wednesday, February 16, 2011

100 Ways Of Delicious Dani

First of all Happy Love Day to all my beautiful & amazing blog readers! I hope that all of you had a wonderful day celebrating all the LOVE that is in the world, whether it be love for a person, an animal, or just the world in general. This practice should be done EVERY DAY and not just on February 14th.

I am a firm believer in radical self love. What does this mean? Basically, it means that you should be 100% in love with yourself. Sometime last year for some strange reason I stopped doing this. I became bitchy, self loathing, started petty arguments when I should have just relaxed and let things BE. Now, I am back to taking a bit of time out to love myself. This blog post may be a bit self indulgent, but I'm not backing down. Loving yourself is important. How can I love the world, my friends, my phenomenal David, and my family if I can not ove myself? How can I make the world a happier place if I'm not happy with myself? Change starts with yourself, then your family, then your community, then the world. So make the wise decision to LOVE yourself!


Also, if any of you want to write lists of reasons why you love yourself- even if just on Twitter, on Facebook, or your own blogs, please send me a link- I would love to read them! My Twitter just in case you are not on here is and my Facebook is

So without further ado...

1. I love that I refuse to apologize for who I am.
2. I love that I am a bookworm who devours books like they are food.
3. I love how fantastic I look in crazy headbands
4. I love that I'm an animal activist
5. I love that I don't wear lots of makeup,
but I still look fantastic
6. I love that I place a higher priority on what I know that what I look like
7. I love my knowledge of useless information
8. I love that I have two degrees and two teaching certifications
9. I love that I have the energy and dedication to keep up with writing.
10. I love my wild, crazy, dark brown curly hair.
11. I love that my smile creates these two dimples in the corners of my mouth
12. I love how I can just look at one of my students and they behave.
13. I love my big feet.
14. I love my dark purple with bling glasses.
15. I love that I have the ability to walk.
16. I love that I can identify with my students instead of the adults I work with.
17. I love that I'm an organized person
18. I love that I can make people laugh with a funny voice.
19. I love my sense of humor
20. I love how fast I can type when I text.
21. I love the fact that I am so strong that I can break a
window when I try to open it.
22. I love that I'm not afraid to talk to strangers on the train or bus.
23. I love how tall I am
24. I love how my hands feel after I finish typing a message.
25. I love my golden brown eyes.
26. I love my two front teeth have a little gap in them.
27. I love that I do not care what other people think of me.
28. I love how I look when I walk the streets of New York City.
29. I love that my two big toes look like thumbs.
30. I love that I work hard at work and at play.
31. I love how I feel after I drink a glass of warm lemon water with honey.
32. I love the callusses on my fingers from all of the writing I do.
33. I love the effort I put into all my work, even if it is not appreciated by my peers.
34. I love my ability to remember lines from my favorite movies.
35. I love my purple colored bedroom walls.
36. I how how I can blow a bubble gum bubble the size of my head.
I love how I do not let others influence my style.
38. I love how my voice changes depending upon who I talk to.
39. I love my New Jersey accent.
40. I love my addiction to baby corn.
41. I love that I have the passion to learn French.
42. I love that I speak English correctly.
43. I love all of my flaws.
44. I love that I am a big kid at heart.
45. I love how my knees rub together when I walk.
46. I love my big cheeks when I smile.
47. I love how I can wink without even thinking about it.
48. I love the hair on my arms.
49. I love my button nose.
50. I love that I can only go to sleep with socks on, even during the summer.
51. I love how I can walk with ease in snow or ice.
52. I love that I snort sometimes when I laugh.
53. I love how happy I am in the morning.
54. I love how I think of blog posts throughout the day in my head.
55. I love that I do not let brand names determine my self
56. I love my willingness to be in arguments
57. I love that I have no problem speaking my mind.
58. I love my fingers.
59. I love that I'm smart enough to get anything I want in life.
60. I love how my dogs make me feel after a long day at work.
61. I love how tech savvy I am.
62. I love how my room is covered with autographs and tickets from various events.
63. I love how I do not become star struck when I see someone famous.
64. I love that I do not pay attention to overhyped television shows and movies.
65. I love how I look in my Olsenboye boots.
66. I love the two moles on my right leg.
67. I love my thick fluffy hair.
68. I love my Italian heritage
69. I love that my Italian heritage has made me stronger.
70. I love that I cut negative things and people from my life.
71. I love that I am always there for my friends.
72. I love that I know how to manage my time with my work duties.

73. I love my number freak status.
74. I love the way dark chocolate makes me feel.
75. I love the smiles and criticisms I get from my writing, even though I act like I do.
76. I love that I was born an Aries and during springtime.
77. I love how my calves look like hearts.
78. I love that I have hearts all around me.
79. I love that I can pick up any instrument and immediately play it without lessons.
80. I love that in 30 minutes I wrote this list with screaming kids behind me.
81. I love how I do not care if people see me pick my nose.
82. I love that I do my job of teaching well.
83. I love that I want to see my students achieve, even if they are not my students directly.
84. I love that I view my glass as half full. 
85. I love spreading various news stories to people.

86. I love that I try to not take anything for granted.
87. I love that I think about the positive thoughts instead of
the negative.
88. I love that I am constantly changing my outlook and transformation.
89. I love that I know dark times and negativity are a way of the past.
90. I love that I have a great relationship with my family.
91. I love how music makes me feel in the morning.
92. I love that I don't feel guilty for doing things I like to do
93. I love that I can make my students laugh.
94. I love that I canh have a conversation of ideas and fandoms and not filled with gossip
95. I love that I can laugh at myself.
96. I love that I have no problem admitting when I am wrong
97. I love how good I am at getting my paperwork done
98. I love how I look in the color red.
99. I love how I think forward instead of backwardBR>100. I LOVE THAT I AM ME!

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