Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- February 17th Edition

Hey there my fellow followers! Time for another week of TiLT! I am writing this with a bad case of largynitis/sore throat/can not speak for the life of me but still feel the love. Here is what I am so much in love with this week:

~~My new graphic for Things I Love Thursday made by my friend Christine. Love it!
~~Having the ability to watch Betsey Johnson's Fall 2011 Collection online. Thank you Gala!
~~Having two copies of the same book. One was an advanced copy, the other is an autographed one. Love feeling important.
~~Writing a blog about the 100 things I love about myself. Did you get a chance to read it? No? CHECK IT OUT PLEASE!
~~Having two killer heart necklaces and thinking of outfits around them.
~~Scheduling trips for April! April 2nd through April 5th I will be in Atlanta, Georgia and April 16th through 19th I will be in Cincinnati, Ohio! I know not the glamourous of trips but I know I will have fun.
~~Having the ability to wear my Olsenboye boots again.
~~60 degree weather in February!
~~Turning on my fan in my room. That is how lovely the weather is outside.
~~Getting my first facial tomorrow. Thank you to Time Out New York for the great deal!
~~Going away with David this weekend to Atlantic City! Buffets, jacuzzis, need it.
~~That the snow is finally melting!
~~Having two of the best dogs ever. Hudson and Sweetums!
~~A nice romantic dinner with David.
~~Enjoying a Natalie Portman double feature weekend. I finally saw Black Swan and No Strings Attached. Both were very good!
~~Playing Multiplication Bingo with my students

What made you swoon this week? Tell me all about it!

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