Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday--January 13th Edition

Ahhh second week of the new year and it went better than my first week of Two Thousand and Heaven. You see, I was letting peoples negative conversations influence the way I deal with David and instead of trusting him, like I always have, I put his friends in an very uncomfortable position and thus created a lot of drama that was totally unnecessary for the start of the new year. Well all of that is behind us now and I have apologized for my actions and learning to accept things better. So what else have made me swoon and swell with love this week?

--Caramel Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. Oh my goodness is it so nummy.
--Listening to a mother and daughter planning their day and talking in Starbucks
--David holding my hand as we walk through snow and ice so I do not slip and fall. Okay everyone go awww now....
--Conversations in Starbucks involving old man type dogs.
--Flameless candles with timers that turn on and off after you set them.
--Golden delicious apples with feta cheese.
--Learning to wait patiently.
--Fresh fallen snow on the ground.
--Having tea and conversation with my mom.
--Good relaxing songs in my head.
--Rechecking the forecast for snow.
--Fruit salad with Honey Nut Cheerios sprinkled on top.
--Custom made tops with a fleur de lis on the back.
--Custom made stuff that no one else has but me!
--The time 930am and 225pm.
--Planning trips with David.
--Having my zombie book list retweeted by Flashlight Worthy Books. Here is the list: Run Zombies Ahead! Books if you Love the Undead or *Are* the Undead

What made you swoon and swell with love this week?

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