Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--February 25, 2010 Edition

In the realm of RADICAL SELF LOVE, I give to you what I am loving this week (idea and inspiration from Ms. Gala Darling)

So on this very snowy slushy NYC Thursday, I heart...

--Having a double feature movie date all by myself. Saw The Comebacks at home and The Good Guy in the theater. Enjoyed the second movie more.

--My upcoming trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I leave in a month!

--Watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls at 5pm on ABC Family again. Missed my Rory...

--Getting excited to finally meet CHRISTOPHER WALKEN. He is in a new play on Broadway. It is in previews right now.

--Naps in the afternoon with my dogs.

--Guilty pleasure snacks, which include apples and grape nuts.

--HOCKEY! As far as I am concerned, Team NJ Devils are getting the gold medal on Sunday for mens hockey. Team USA consists of Jamie Langerbrunner, Zach Parise, and Brian Rafalski (yes I know I know he is on the Red Wings now but he will always be a Devil to me.)

--Having time to relax and read the huge piles of books in my room.

--This picture (thank you Gala):

--Making a dent in my 2010 Goals List and it is only the end of February!

--Enjoying the wonderfulness that is JAY-Z.

--Creating a new blog. It is refreshing to start anew.

--Discovering new blogs on BlogSpot that just speak to me.

--Really bad reality television

--RuPauls Drag Race Season 2 on VH1 (do not have LOGO channel on my cable.)

--Making new friends on Twitter (Hi QuirkyGirl!)

What are you hearting this week?

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