Friday, February 26, 2010

1000 Awesome Things

Found this website through called 1000 Awesome Things--

It started about a year ago but here are some of the things they said that are most definitely true for my life.

#999 That last, crumby triangle in a bag of potato chips

#995 Finding money you didn’t even know you lost

#994 Waiters and waitresses who bring free refills without asking

#989 Blowing your nose in the shower (with just getting over the flu, this is definitely awesome!)

#982 Picking your nose (I am sorry...but when you are having a bad day and you get the perfect nosegoblin, it just seems right)

#972 Any food that requires Wet-Naps and a stack of napkins to eat

#958 Being the first person into a really crowded movie theater and getting the prime seats

#956 Using Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle anything (I even use this in my classes and the students get a kick out of it)

#929 Your colon (I am sorry but I love my does a lot for you!)

#921 Snow Days (think these are even more awesome now since I am a teacher.)

#913 Having a whole row by yourself on the plane (need I say more?)

#898 Playing old-school video games (Tetris and Super Mario Brothers...what more can a girl ask for?)

#892 Taking your shoes and socks off after a really long day

#876 Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours (and yes you can keep that visual my male readers)

#860 When the vending machine gives you two things instead of one

#847 Old, classic board games

#840 Popping Bubble Wrap (also when my dogs help me pop bubble wrap)

#837 Pushing those little buttons on the soft drink cup lid

#814 Cheesy theme songs from 80’s sitcoms

#811 Getting off an airplane after a long flight (It does not have to be a long can be a short flight...just getting off an airplane is tremendous for me.)

#808 Coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner (I do not care if no one agrees with me, but my mom is the worlds best chef. Coming home to her cooking...purley orgasmic and happiness.)

#802 Watching something download really fast (Glad I am not the only one with this impatient attitude....)

#787 The extra time you get when the clocks roll back (Yay sleep!)

#784 Celebrity baby names (Because a lot of them are so dramatic and I love it.)

#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left (Do this all the time.)

#763 Scraping all the lint off an overflowing lint trap

#758 Celebrating your pet’s birthday even though they have no idea what’s going on (My dogs love this.)

#749 The quiet satisfaction of settling the group bill after dinner (Also the fact that I CAN do this.)

#734 When the free bread they bring you at the restaurant is warm (And if it comes with olive oil...mmmmm....)

#718 When you sneeze and a stranger says bless you (It is polite to be polite. I do this.)

#716 Rubbing someone’s newly shaved head (David loves when I do this!)

#712 Emptying the recycling bin on your computer (So liberating!)

#703 Finding the perfect patch of grass to sit on at the park (I know exactly where it is and will stand there until whoever is there first leaves. I is evil.)

#699 A long hug when you really need it.

#694 Screaming at characters in movies to do things. (I do this especially during horror movies.)

#686 When you open your cell phone and there are a bunch of text messages waiting. (1:30pm is my magical time of getting lots of texts...)

#670 When a stranger walks by and offers to take a photo of you and the person you’re with. (I do this all the time. Brings good karma!)

#651 When the phone rings and it’s someone you were just thinking about

#623 The sound of snow crunching under your boots

#622 When the dog’s really excited you’re back home

#592 Your mom’s scrambled eggs (So nummy!)

#589 Making the first footprint in fresh snow

#576 Appreciating the beauty of all your body’s scars and scratches (Radical Self Love baby!)

Now I ask you to do the same thing I did--go through like I did and see which ones really speak to you!

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  1. #989 Blowing your nose in the shower (with just getting over the flu, this is definitely awesome!)

    lmao that is so damn true


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