Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- June 30th Edition

First, I want to apologize for no TiLT last week. I caught the death plague and was pretty much out of it for three days. Friday I basically slept all day after I got home from work, Saturday I was a miserable mess, and Sunday I started to feel better. Right now I am still having some coughing fits but that could be due to the air quality of NYC but I am feeling much much better. So with that said let us start our weekly dose of love!

~~Attending Ring of Honor wrestling and shouting old school wrestlers names during a boring tag team match.

~~Giving Kevin Kelly directions to Harrison, NJ and having a forty minute conversation with him about wrestling. Such a nice man.

~~LAST DAY OF WORK! It feels so good to sleep past 530am every day now.

~~Being in a Second Line parade with the Hungry March Band along the High Line Park

~~The Prairie Breeze Cheddar and Fig sandwich from Lucy's Whey in Chelsea Market.

~~My parents putting my air conditioner in my bedroom! Meat locker status here I come!

~~David for just being him.

~~Ice cold tea with friends in the morning.

~~Making lists of restaurants to try.

~~Orange drink from Grays Papaya on a warm humid day.

~~Board games with my favorite students. Numerous rounds of Connect Four, Sorry, Bingo, Operation, The Game of Life were played. Loads of fun.

~~RuPaul's Drag U for another week in a row.

~~Having the ability to make small talk wherever I am whether its waiting in line for a bathroom or on a train.

~~Listening to Disturbed and finding songs that speak to my brothers situation at work.

~~Waking up at 6am only to go back to sleep since I do not have to be up at that hour!

~~Crisp night air perfect for a walk with the one you love.


What are you in love with this week?

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