Sunday, June 12, 2011

100 Things That Makes Me Happy -- Part One

Two bloggers that I read Becky Hastings and Sofia's Journal started this trend where for the next 10 Sundays they identify 10 things that make them happy and by the end it adds up to 100. Well I decided to take on this trend as well. Here is part one of my 100 Things That Make Me Happy series. I hope you decide to join me on this adventure!

1: David Cohen—for all that he is. I appreciate him and love him more and more each and every day.

2: My Family—even though we sometimes get on each others nerves, I am grateful for all that they do and are.

3: Travel—just to be able to take to the sky or to the road and see new things makes me smile.

4: Very Good Sex with #1—need I say more?

5: Union Square Park—the atmosphere, the protests, the stores…just thinking about it makes me gush!

6: Plants in Bloom—shows life and love.

7: Warm Spring Days—I just love to sit outside and read or relax in the park on a warm spring day. Definitely makes me happy.

8: Hugs and Kisses from the people I love and cherish.

9: Laughter, especially from a young child.

10: Being there for friends in their time of need.

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  1. This is a great idea! Number 4 - you minx you ;) x


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