Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- June 2nd Edition

What do you love? That is the main question every week as I put my Things I Love Thursday feature together. I started to do this list first in my journal and now online through the very inspiring Gala Darling and I always look forward to Thursdays to write my list out for the world to see, even if my readers might not agree with everything. I love to see the things that inspire me, to make me laugh, to enjoy life just a little bit more and through this exercise it has certainly helped. I am trying to live by this idiom coined by Miss Gala herself -- The more we focus on the fabulous, the more of it we get. So now let me get on with it!

~~Losing 10 pounds. I know that does not seem like a big feat but I feel lighter, more energized, more focused. I will keep it up!

~~Missing my Zumba class that I proceed to do the steps waiting for the subway/PATH train. I do not care if people look at me funny -- dancing is a great stress reliever.

~~Blowing bubbles in Citi Field with David during the Mets vs. Pirates game. I guess you can say that David and I are gluttons for punishment since we follow the Mets so to get us out of our funk, luckily enough I had some bubble solution in my bag. Hooray for random silliness!

~~Looking at the clouds with David and trying to decide what they look like, I said one looked like my dog Hudson and he agreed.

~~Cold showers as soon as I get home from work. In case you do not read my Twitter, I spoke about how I teach in an no air conditioning building. It is HARD. But thank goodness for water!

~~Not letting stupid people and their stupid comments about what I do at work get to me. Enough said.

~~Making new friends at the NYC Zombie Crawl. Thanks Doug for an always kick ass event!

What are you in love with week?

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