Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tired/Not Tired -- What Needs to Go and What Can Stay

I saw this excellent idea on my blogger friend/fellow purse enthusiast Rasha's blog and I simply had to snatch it up and give it a whirl. We all get tired sometimes; whether it is physically or emotionally. Without further ado here are 5 things that I am tired of and 5 things that I am not tired of.

What I Am Tired Of

1. People using the word "gay" to describe something they think is corny/have no interest in/do not like. For myself it is very hurtful. This falls, in my opinion, a form of anti-gay bullying. This needs to stop. Watch this video to get on board, if you feel the same way I do.

2. Certain people in my school building. Look I understand we will not all get along and we all have different tastes in things, but when you are overaggressive, put yourself into other peoples conversations when no one was speaking to you, hardly do your job but rather shop for designer brands and flaunt your status of money around, that is where I draw the line. I am not ashamed that I am a thinking nerdy girl who always has a book in her bag and that her students listen and respect me. Maybe instead of being so brass and classless, learn from me. This will not happen though as I am "beneath" her. Whichever.

3. This stupid weather. It is spring. I want sun and nice weather and wind and days in Union Square Park. COME ON MOTHER NATURE!

4. My television shows being on hiatus for a month. I miss them.

5. Not getting enough sleep at night. I must go to bed by 10-11pm to feel like myself the next day...must!

What I am NOT Tired of
1. Heavy metal music blasting into my ears when I walk into my school building.
2. My dogs who always know the word LOVE.
3. My family.
4. David, my phenomenal.
5. Starbucks Chai Lattes and a good book.

If you decided to do this in your blog, please let me know below! Would love to read it.

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