Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- March 10th Edition

It is a cold dreary rainy day in the land of Jersey and what better way to get yourself out of the funk then a good ole list of love! Here is what I am jonesing on this week:

~~Not reacting negatively to the rat in my school building. You see, this teacher only knows one method of teaching and that is yelling and is very jealous that students respect and listen to me. So the other day I gave a comic book to a child and she deemed it inappropriate. Instead of coming to me and saying that, she instead complained to the assistant principal and I was called into her office and spoken to. What upset me is her unprofessionalism so I spoke to some people and now know the next steps, if I want to take it to that level. Just want to show she did not get me and that I did not react because that is what she is looking for.

~~David going for chicken tenders and fries for me at a hockey game and cutting up the tenders so I could enjoy them more. It was so cute!

~~Practicing my penmanship and achieving a great signature.

~~Having a calm mind and clean hands

~~Curling up in my bed with new sheets and dogs.

~~Finally receiving my federal tax refund. Yay to extra money!

~~Strong orange tea that awakes all of my senses.

~~Crescent moons in the night sky beaming down.

~~Thinking of new outfits every day

~~My bright purple tights that make me very happy.

~~Giving up negativity for Lent.

What are you jonesing on this week?

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