Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- March 17th Edition

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! Now I am not Irish and do not agree with the drunkeness that happens as a result with this holiday but I do believe in luck and with that said here is what I am so in lucky love with this week:

~~My phenomenal getting to a computer today at 11am to get me tickets for Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth on April 8th in NYC at Radio City Music Hall! I am so excited you have no idea.

~~Catching the death plague. Now wait a minute, you are probably asking yourself "why would you be so in love with that?" Easy. I got to drink lots of herbal tea and take medicine and SLEEP. This is the universes way of telling me that I have super exciting plans coming up so I need to slow down now, rest up, and get ready!


~~Getting to wear my Slytherin t-shirt in school since it is green and having insane conversations with my students who all yelled at me for rooting for Lord Voldemort. It was hysterical and cute all at the same time.

~~Finally cutting out refined sugar from my life. Yes my sweet tooth is talking to me but overall it is for the best.

~~The weather in NYC for the next two days! LOVE LOVE LOVE. So can not wait to head into NYC tomorrow with my friend Josy to see Battle: LA.

~~12 Days to My Birthday! Still have no idea what I am doing yet but I am excited!

~~The fact that my mom does NOT need surgery for her knee. Physical Therapy here she comes!

~~This blog post: How to Spot a Thinking Girl

~~Learning about the yumminess of blood oranges.

~~Getting right into pajamas as soon as I get home.

~~My alma mater ST PETERS COLLEGE competing in this years NCAA Tournament. LETS GO PEACOCKS!

~~Getting closer and closer to my $30,000 dollars in savings goal.

~~Before I broke up with refined sugar, I had a Girl Scout cookie binge. Thin Mints...oh my goodness.

~~Finding a mashup mix alled Best of Booty 2010. Great music to dance to. Ranks up there with Girl Talk in my opinion.

~~Gaining inspiration from other blogs. So much creativity out there!

What are you so much in lucky love with this week?


  1. I have a Slytherin tshirt too! xD I love wearing it around. It's my jam.

    Wow, that's amazing on your savings! I'm nowhere near that ^^; Any tips?

    Thin Mints, oooh, don't even get me started!

  2. squeeeeeeee GirlTalk. my fave to cardance to while stuck in nasty chicago traffic

    I think I have a blood orange left in my fridge... yum YUM.

    also, I'm super in love with a baby blanket I'm knitting this week for a baby that will be here within the month! it's coming out awesome & it was SO easy to do too :)

    oh yeah, and this past wednesday was senior day when I go massage at the nursing home. LOVE LOVE LOVE my senior buddies :)


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