Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Love Thursday -- March 22nd Edition

Bonjour and hello to my fellow readers! I am writing to you from a fan air filled bedroom in lovely New jersey where I am enjoying the weather and feeling my creative muses pouring out of my fingertips. I really should have written this yesterday after my MRI but I was feeling very lethargic and blah. get that mood out of my system, here is a list of things that i have made me squee with love this week. Do you write these lists every week fellow reader? If you do, let me know. i would love to read it! Let us get on with the show!

Here is what made me squee with love bursts this week.

~~Having an MRI done. Okay, you are properly saying to yourself "what you like having tests done on you?" Now of course I do not but this was interesting and scary to say the least. I have had problems with my right knee recently and my orthopedic doctor suggested i go have an MRI done to see what exactly is going on and what needs to be done for treatment. When I walked in, i had to fill out the standard paperwork and asked about if I had tattooed eyeliner. I do have a tattoo but what I learned was sometimes the ink in tattoo eyeliner heats up in the machine when you are having a head MRI which might cause discomfort. Anyway, I was brought into the room with the machine and freaked out! It is this big closed tube. It kind of looked like a bigger washing machine. I laid down on this conveyor belt and my right knee was propped up in a cuff. Then a blanket was placed over me due to all of the oxygen flowing in the machine and then i was pushed in. I was scared at first due to my head and being in a dark closed tube but my head did not go in so I calmed down. The test took 25 minutes and it was so noisy I tried to make lyrics ala Dane Cook with a car alarm. It did not work though. I have a follow up appointment on March 28th. Let us cross our fingers and toes that everything is okay!

~~Having a barista at my favorite Starbucks apologize for not remembering my usual drink; thus getting it for free!

~~1 week until my birthday!

~~9 days until my trip to Miami, Florida with David.

~~11 days until Spring Break!

~~Having countdown for special events in my life.

~~Doodling in notebooks.

~~Finding the good with Mercury Retrograde. In case you do not know what Mercury Retrograde is, go here: How to Survive Mercury Retrograde by Gala Darling

~~Wearing sunglasses again.

~~The views at McNally Jackson bookstore...meaning the men that work there.

~~This song:

~~My new Bake and Destroy tank top!

~~Seeing a friend I have not seen since 2011 on Saturday! We are going to Alice's Tea Cup followed by Barnes and Noble and Midtown Comics and any other fun we can have throughout the day. It is an early birthday date for me. So excited!

What are you squeezing with love with this week?

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