Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer of 2011 : What is On My List To Do

Recently Gala Darling, one of my favourite and inspiring bloggers, wrote her Summer 2011: An Adventurous To-Do List article and it has inspired me to do the same since this weekend is the unoffical start of summer.

Summer used to be my least favourite season. The heat, the humidity, the air...just blah. But now I have a different approach -- I am not at work for two whole months and I have a load of free time to do whatever I want. So this is what I am thinking about doing for the summer of 2011.

1: Use my Canon D-SLR camera more often. Especially in parks of New York City. I have gotten so used to my Canon Powershot camera as a lot of places I go to with David does not allow my professional camera. Granted the Powershot is great for vacation pictures as well as meeting my favorite actors/actresses at conventions but in the realm of creating artistic photographs, I need the D-SLR. Just a personal preference.

2: Sit on the beach of Coney Island
On July 1st I will be in Coney Island for TNA Wrestling Live! I usually hate going to the beach as I feel all eyes are on me and I become down about my body image. Not that day! I plan on wearing some jean shorts and a t-shirt (maybe my Dilligaf t-shirt to give me courage) and just sit and look at the ocean before the show starts. Anyone care to join me?

3: Travel to Los Angeles and San Diego, California. Enough said. I usually stick to the Midwest or East Coast for vacation in August before returning back to work. Not this time!

4: Pick up studying French again at the French Alliance. About two years ago, my brother bought for me Rosetta Stone French and I was hooked...until I had to go back to work and time was very limited. I figured I would start that up again and enquire about classes at the FIAF.

5: Make sure to go swimming three times a week and Zumba once a week.
I will continue my changing of lifestyle habits well into the summer!

6: Dance and blow bubbles in public like no one is watching. I enjoy being silly, especially in public. It makes me feel good and puts a positive spin on life. Who would not want that?

7: Even though it is summer and sticky, make an effort to dress up. Yes this was on Gala's list too and it rings true for me. If I am uncomfortable, I quickly go for t-shirt and lounge pants. Not this summer, especially if I am going out on my own or with David.

8: Visit the Central Park Zoo.
That is one zoo I have never ever been to. Yes I know I am going to the San Diego Zoo and no other zoo can compare but would be nice to check out.

9: Go to some concerts that makes my ears bleed/ring at the end of the night By concerts I mean heavy metal/rock shows as well as guilty pleasures, such as Britney Spears in July. Love the environment and energy at a show.

10: Stay at the Hotel Chelsea, or at least sit in the lobby. The place where Sid and Nancy were last seen together? The place of debauchery? Yes please.

11: Visit Governors Island and bring a picnic! Do I need to say anything else?

12: Focus on doing more things for myself. Enough said!

What are your goals for the summer?

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  1. They all sound like amazing things to do! Weirdly I have summer ambitions to dance&swim too.
    You're lucky you get to be in New York though, summer in London seems a lot less fun!
    I've written my summer to do list too...I should really get around to publishing it soon.


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