Saturday, May 28, 2011

Like Oil and Vinegar, Dani and Cheese Do Not Mix

Photo Credit to Aanilorak

With having access to some of the best deals in New York City comes with great responsibility. You see, I am an member on this website called Gilt City. It is an exclusive deal website with some of the best stuff in New York City from food to beauty products to events. I decided after much hem and hawing to try the Summer Picnic Tote from Lucy's Whey located in Chelsea Market. Lucy’s Whey Summer Picnic Tote included 3 cheeses - 1.5 lbs of Vermont Creamery's Chevre, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from the Cellars at Jasper Hill and Marieke Gouda, Artisan-cured meat - 3 oz. sliced La Quercia Prosciutto Americano, Z Crackers, Fig jam and a spreader. I picked up the tote and off I was to the High Line. I love having picnics especially in parks but I did not want to go to my usual spot which is Union Square Park so off I went.

Unfortunately, this was a bad purchase. While the prosciutto and crackers were nice with a mild flavour, the cheeses were all too sharp for my tastes. Let me also just say that I had to find a bathroom as soon as possible. This disturbs me as I love the fruit and cheese plates at Starbucks and Cosi but it seems that my body is becoming quickly lactose intolerant. I guess that I just have to severely limit my dairy intake from now on. I do not drink any milk from cows so I am on my way, I guess, to eliminating all dairy from my diet. A good habit will die hard....

After throwing the cheeses away and keeping the fig jam and crackers, I made my way to Madison Square Park to try and get fries from The Frying Dutchmen but it was closed. Not to fear as I noticed a gourmet food market right on 23rd and 5th Avenue. It is called the Madison Square Park Food Market and its participants includes Asia Dog, Bar Suzette, Breezy Hill Orchard, Calexico, Carnelian Knoll, Chameleon, Cookie Panache, Eataly, Engage Green, Goat Town, Hong Kong Street Cart, ilili, Karma Living, kudu-lah, Marquet, Momofuku Milk Bar, Nunu Chocolates, P&H Soda Co., Peter Charles, Piccolo CafĂ©, Resto, Roberta’s Pizza, Sigmund Pretzelshop, Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, Selen Design, Spices and Tease, The Filling Station, and Yumi Chen Designs. Oh my goodness so many choices! I marveled at all of the choices and made sure to go slow around it. I decided on a green mango salad and iced green tea from Hong Kong Street Cart.

Oh my was so good. It had soba noodles with green mango, cucumbers, carrots, vegetarian soy meat, and chopped peanuts. Yum! I must go back to this market before it closes on Friday June 3rd.

Overall, this start of my Memorial Day Weekend went very well. I sat in Madison Square Park next to the water basin, read my magazines, fed some birds, and chilled. Then I went home and took a 12 hour nap. Hope your weekend is just as blissful!

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