Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I Love Thursday - 12/9 Edition

Another week...another list of what I love this week! This is a great habit that I have developed as sometimes I can be Ms. Gloom Negative but to combat my villain superpower, Ms. Sunny Positive comes through!

Here is what I am in love with week:

--Riding a vintage NYC subway train. It was amazing! To feel how it was "back in the day" as us Generation X would say. I was amazed by the cushioned seats! Also copies of original subway advertisements were on the train as well. If you are in the NYC area on a Sunday, take the F train to 2nd Avenue. It runs from 10am to 4pm. Make sure to do before December 26th as then it will be over!

--The Cheddar and Apple sandwich at 3B's located at FoodParc. Oh my goodness so nummy.

--Marino's Watermelon ice. Yes I know it is freezing out but Italian ices are so good!

--Having the ability to take a situation that could have been chaotic and rowdy and solve it. I am one of the teachers who does lunch duty and yesterday I was the only one for the entire 3rd grade. I had all of the 3rd grade sit on the other side of the cafeteria and the 5th grade, who share the same lunch period, sat on the other side. It worked out perfectly.

--Baby wash/shower gel! So soothing and moisturizing.

--My sparkly beanie hat.

--Having students tell me that I become a different person with my glasses off. Mmmm...maybe I should get contacts and fool them sometimes?

--Layers of sweaters to keep me warm as I go to work.

--Making the cutest mitten ornaments for my students. I got them at Oriental Trading. Luckily I only have 60 students!

--Receiving Christmas gifts early. Thanks Michael!

--Getting lovely comments on my Chronicle Books giveaway blog. I hope I win!

What are you in love with this week?

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