Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Memoriam: The Late Greats of 2010

2010 seems to have been the year of death--the year that we as an American culture lost a lot of greats. Let me let you take a look back at the entertainment, sports and wrestling legends who unfornuately left us this year. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the info as well as Wrestling Wrap-Up. If I have forgotten anyone, let me know in comments and I will add.


--Dennis Hopper
--Lena Horne
--John Forsythe
--Corey Haim
--Barbara Billingsley
--Gary Coleman
--Phil Harris of the Deadliest Catch
--Tony Curtis
--Greg Giraldo (this one really affected me as his television show on Comedy Central was David and I's first ever date. Greg had sent me tickets and told me to "get my ass and a guest" to his taping. I decided to take David and as they say, the rest is history.)
--Rue McClanahan
--Patricia Neal
--Eddie Fisher
--Lynn Redgrave
--Teddy Pendergrass
--Leslie Nielsen
--J.D. Salinger
--Tom Bosley
--Harvey Pekar
--Blake Edwards
--Elizabeth Edwards
--Irvin Kershner
--Jack Tatum
--Bob Feller
--George Steinbrenner
--Jimmy Dean
--Ronnie James Dio
--Dixie Carter (actress, not president of TNA Wrestling)
--Peter Graves
--Andrew Koenig
--Alexander McGueen
--Howard Zinn
--Robert B. Parker
--Don Meredith
--Zelda Rubenstein
--Malcolm McLaren
--Peter Steele
--Paul Grey
--Bob Sheppard
--Jack Tatum
--Robert Schimmel
--Stephen J. Cannell
--Bob Guccione
--Sparky Anderson
--Dino DeLaurentis
--Pat Burns

--Jim White
--Tony Halme (known as Ludwig Borga)
--Ida Mae Martinez
--Jack Brisco
--Christopher Kluscarits (known as Chris Kanyon, Kanyon, or Mortis)
--Gene Kiniski
--Kinji Shibuya
--Salvador Cuevas Ramirez (known as El Supremo)
--Aurelian Smith (known as Grizzly Smith)
--Michael Verdi (known as Trent Acid)
--Lance McNaught (known as Lance Cade)
--Jimmy Wehba (known as Skandor Akbar)
--Gertrude Wilkerson (known as Luna Vachon)
--Tony Osborne
--J.C. Bailey
--Mike Shaw (known as Bastion Booger, Norman the Lunatic, Friar Ferguson, Makhan Singh, Klondike Mike)
--Jorge Gonzalez (known as El Gigante, Giant Gonzales)

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