Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--10/28 Edition

This has been kind of a busy week at work with being a Jane of All Trades in my school building, but this is what I am so in love with this week:

--This Twitter Conversation with Kat Von D (yes that KAT VON D):
JoiseyDani @thekatvond wish I could meet you tonight at Bookends. Being a 3rd grade teacher is hard & money is tight. Hope your signing goes well
thekatvond @JoiseyDani I will gladly buy you a book. Teachers are far too under credited and under payed. :)
JoiseyDani @thekatvond ARE YOU SERIOUS? That would make my year! Thank you so very much! What do I have to do?
JoiseyDani @thekatvond I do teach and live in New Jersey...just traveling out there & money is tight for me as I told you.
thekatvond ill hold one for you at the signing :):) I assume ur name Joisey Dani? :):)
JoiseyDani @thekatvond My first name is Danielle (obviously) but you can make it out to Joisey Dani is fine. Do I call Bookends to have it shipped?

What are you in love with this week?

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