Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--10/21 Edition

It is 615am and my mind is spurning and turning with love! This is what I am in love with this week:

--The San Francisco Giants leading in the NLCS series! PHUCK THE PHILLIES!

--Having cucumbers, corn, and egg whites for breakfast.

--York Peppermint Patty pieces. So nummy!

--Restarting the Kayfabe Monday blog on The Wrestling Forum. I was feeling uninspired lately but then my creative muses started talking to me and bam!

--Having creative muses hit me at the weirdest of times. Upcoming blog opportunity!

--Brass Knuckle kind rings

--Having my bus crew miss me last week. It was nice that they noticed my absence!

--Having students who love comic books.

--Apples with low fat feta cheese...nom!

--Changing my cell phone plan and saving close to $30 dollars a month.

--NYC Zombie Crawl this weekend! I am going to be a BP Zombie--I have a suit and a BP identification badge.

--How my students reacted when I asked them what do they think it might feel like to kiss a frog. (In a small group instruction, we read a story called The Frog Prince. I think you get the idea of the book.)

--Paying off debts. I am about $600 dollars shy of being done and it is so freeing! MUST PLAN NEW ADVENTURES!

What is your mind and heart spurning with love this week?

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