Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--June 24th Edition

Why hello there my lovely followers and readers! This is what is making my heart squee and jump!

--My package from Pixies and Bears ! I can not tell you the awesomeness of this package. Loads of Hello Kitty stuff to stickers to a notebook to a tote bag to a plushie...I can go on and on. It was totally thoughtful.

--DAVID FOUND BRET MICHAELS DIET SNAPPLE TROP-A-ROCKA ICE TEA! It is best to put on ice. I am using the bottle for pennies.

--The original version of Teen Witch with Robin Lively on ABC Family! I think it is a disgrace that this movie might be remade.

--My new jangly heart bracelet from Torrid! Here it is, just click the link: Silver Heart Charm Stretch Bracelet

--Getting my new high top sneakers from Skechers. With my foot, I needed a sneaker that held in my ankle and foot especially during the summer months as I will be walking a lot!

--Ordering a Filofax! I needed a new planner for the next school year and I want to break my large purse addiction. All of this was inspired by Gala Darling.

--Getting my Filofax and filling it up with lots of goodies!

--Having fresh vegetables on hand to snack on.

--Washington DC in a week! This time it is just David and I which means...well...I will leave that to your imagination.


--That my second grade students ask me about World Cup and if they could watch the game.

What is making your heart jump this week?

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  1. awww thanks for the shout out love!! <3


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