Monday, June 7, 2010

Kayfabe Monday: June 7th Edition

I love when people misinterpret stories on the internet.

On the TNA Wrestling Fan blog, it is posted that the reason TNA did the storyline with taking Mick Foley off TV was because he was running out of dates on his contract.

Foley recently pitched an idea to TNA officials that he'd return this summer with a new stable. It's been speculated in the past that Foley would team up with a group of ECW Originals.

Um, lets get your story straight here.

Mick Foley has been in the midst of writing a new book called "Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal". Here is the description from The undisputed king of the literary ring is back with another handwritten, hardcore home run. Forget the ghost writer and the computer keyboard - this mesmerizing memoir is straight from the pen and notebook paper of the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley, chronicling the heart-pounding build-up to "Lockdown", one of the most important matches of his long and storied career. Foley's every limit is tested, as he battles back the formidable tag-team of Father Time and Mother Nature - overcoming a host of injuries and serious self-doubts to get back in the ring with one of his all-time favorite foes. With his trademark blend of wit and wisdom, wildness and warmth, Foley dishes previously untold stories from his remarkable life, including his transition from WWE to TNA, his ill-fated stint as a television commentator, his tumultuous relationship with Vince McMahon, his thoughts on performance enhancing substances in sports, the troubling list of wrestlers dying way too young, and his soul saving work in Sierra Leone.

Raw, dynamic, and unabashedly honest, COUNTDOWN TO LOCKDOWN charts Foley's wrestling rebirth, and rise to heights that his fans thought he would never see again.

Also let me let you know that 100% of the advance for this book has been donated to Child Fund International and RAINN. So it is clear that Mick is not writing another book for money--he is writing it out of his own heart and wants to tell a story. Are dates running out of contract? Quite possibly. But this is the true reason why Mick has not been around on TNA as of late. Thank you.

On another note, I am happy that WWE Smackdown is at least trying to keep the aura of kayfabe alive. Smart mark wrestling fans know that the Undertaker is now injured with a fractured orbital bone, broken nose, and a concussion when he wrestled Rey Mysterio during a house show over Memorial Day Weekend. But in the world of wrestling, Kane "found him in a vegetative state." Love it.

I believe in kayfabe,

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