Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--June 10th Edition

What is making Dani squee of happiness and glee this week?

--That I removed over 4 gigabytes of videos from my computer! I do have a 120GB hard drive that is split in half and I do not want to go into the other drive yet. I like the first part to have at least 10GB left. I know--it is a sickness.

--David on the hunt for Bret Michaels' Diet Snapple Trop-A-Rocka Ice Tea. I love Bret Michaels and David knows it so he is willing to go on the hunt for it.

--That my secret boyfriend, Zachary Quinto, will be in a Off-Broadway play in September! Many stalkings will ensue...

--BALTIMORE IN ONE DAY! David found a PIRATE BOAT CRUISE. That is going to be the most fun ever!

--Getting adhesive jewels to make my plain boring black sneakers happy. Will use a glue gun/craft glue to make sure they stay.

--Finding a large enough Transformers gift bag for all of David's birthday gifts, which we have yet to celebrate.

--Hot tea on a cold rainy day, hummus with carrots and tomatoes, and a apple.

--Looking up cities in Italy for possible baby or pet names. Do not worry I am not pregnant, I am just having fun. Right now, I like Palermo, Catania, Verona, Reggio Emilia (or just Emilia), Ravenna, Sassari, Syracuse, Alessandria, Siena, and Aversa.

--My dogs Hudson and Sweetums who are always around when I need a quick hug or a kiss and some excitement.

--Getting lots of packages of goodies: I got The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer, The Writers Toolbox, presents for my mom and dad, t-shirts from The 7 Line, and magazines. YAY!

--This video!

What is making you squee with happiness and glee this week?

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