Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bullying from a Geek Company? Yes it does happen.

As many of you are aware I am a geek. A proud one of that. I love reading comic books, regular books, playing board games and video games, watching various superhero movies and cartoons -- the list goes on and on. When a friend of mines You Tube webseries "Deadpool" was pulled off of YouTube by Marvel Enterprises due to "copyright infringement" even though the only thing used was the characters while a new story was in the process of unfolding, myself as well as my friends lodged a campaign to save the series. So much so a petition was made, which can be found here -- Save the Deadpool Webseries as well as a PSA for a call to SAVE ONE TO SAVE MANY which can be viewed here -- .

But now this has become more of a stand against bullying against a corporation. A corporation that we all thought would embrace the fact that fans were paying homage to their characters. A corporation that we all thought would stand behind someone who has a dream of becoming a filmmaker in an industry that we all know can be hard to break into. That corporation -- MARVEL ENTERPRISES.

Now I know what you are all thinking -- how can a company, a comic book company founded by the god of all geeks Stan Lee, become a bullying corporation who only listens to people who have money? Here is the story.

The entire Marvel Enterprises is not a bullying corporation but there is someone working inside of it that is. Upon conversing with Chris Notarile and Andrea, who are the main people of Blinky Productions and the company who was producing Deadpool WS, it has come to light that the employee that they were dealing with did not give his real name simply because of this statement -- Chris was told that he "should not be making films period" which in laments terms means your work sucks as well as other demeaning things to try and break Chris' spirit. Unfornuately it almost did but Chris has perserved and is using this as fuel for his passion. This person is still employed by Marvel and his behaviour reflects on the whole company. It is just not the correct way to do business nor is it a way to speak to fans. Obviously this employee had a dream of working at Marvel. What gives him the right to possibly destroy the spirit and dream of another man? None whatsoever.

At this point, I am slowly thinking of not supporting anything new that Marvel Enterprises comes out with. Besides, I am more of a DC girl anyway. But I will be damned if I am going to spend my money on a corporation that treats their fans like utter crap. The best way to fight the system is to one not spend your money on their product and two not support anything they do. Yes I know Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 is coming out this summer/year but who is to say I have to spend my money in a movie theater? I can wait for it to come to Netflix.

So all of you out there who have dreams, I emplore you -- DO NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING OF MARVEL ENTERPRISES. One person tried to destroy and demean and that is a reflection on the company as a whole. Us "geeks" need to stand together. Thank you.

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  1. Yeah, this whole system of pulling videos out of youtube for copyright infringement is totally broken - I think even youtube talks about it and how wrong it is


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