Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I Love: February 2013 Edition

A new month, a new THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY! Here is what I have swooned and loved in the month of February.

--This video is hysterical. Thanks Veronica for the share on FB:

--That one of my favorite bands Bullet for My Valentine will be releasing a new album on February 12th. Here is one of the singles from their new album:
I bought the whole album the day of its release and it has been on constant loop on my iPod. Fast, rhythmic drums followed with gut wrenching lyrics...LOVE LOVE LOVE.

--The launch of this company:

--Sending an email to the man Stan Lee himself to possibly donate his new companies books to my school.

--Having a weekly segment on my friends radio show about something I love....BOOKS!

--This cover of Losing My Religion by Lacuna Coil:

--The YouTube comedian Ryan Higa. Always brings a smile to my face. Look him up on YouTube at either nigahiga or HigaTV

--This website: Skeletor is Love Thank you Samantha for the share!

--Thanks to my friend Hector for sharing this video. Laughter for hours!

--Finally figuring out what this Harlem Shake thing is all about and watching various interpretation videos of it. Here are my three favorites:

--Trying acupuncture for my RA. So far it seems to be helping.

What did you love in the month of February?

What did you love in the month of February?

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