Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I Love: January Favorites

Welcome to the first Things I Love blog feature! I used to do this every Thursday but life simply caught up with me and I did not have time to type it up in my blog but always had time to write it in my notebook. So instead I am going to do this on the last Thursday of the month and list all of my favorites/what I loved for the month! So let us get this started.

Here is what I loved for the month of January

-- Juliet Landau (Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) sent me an invite for her latest film that she directed called DREAM OUT LOUD. The premiere was on Friday January 18th. Problem was it was in Pasadena, CA. I emailed her back asking if there will be a premiere in NYC. Still all in all, I was invited to a movie premiere by Juliet Landau!

--Getting into a band named Asking Alexandria. Here is a video of their song "Not the American Average":

--Going into LUSH Cosmetics and saying "I want big old '80s Jersey kind of hair" and having one of the salespeople recommend products!

--My friend Damian Vargas new web series "Deadpool". I have linked it on my Facebook but just in case you have not seen it, here it is: UPDATE: Due to a troll, Marvel Enterprises has forced Blinky Productions to remove this series as well as 14 other fan films because of some "copyright thing". Whatevs. Join the fight to save fan films! SAVE ONE TO SAVE MANY:

--Getting the opportunity to sit on the red carpet of the 85th Academy Awards. Unfornuately the flight to LA was expensive so I passed on it. But to still have that opportunity is awesome.

--Perfect for January when you make your new years goals, this adorable little girl sings Don't Stop, Don't Give Up for about a minute. Adorable and a nice message

--Becoming a contributing writer for Speaking of the Devils a blog about the New Jersey Devils.

--Receiving my first random compliment from a stranger. Was told not only am I smart (was studying some French at Argo Tea Cafe) that I am also really pretty. Felt good.

--Listening and talking to senior citizen aged men at Argo Tea Cafe. Great learning opportunity.

--Argo Tea Cafe. This place is becoming my local weekend hangout, when I do not have anything else planned or just need some chill time.

--Getting awesome news from my rheumatologist concerning my RA. Yes I still have it but my liver enzymes are normal, my Vitamin D is where it is supposed to be, my anemia is gone. So right now the only thing wrong is my inflammation level. So I was told to continue doing what I am doing which is this for those who have asked -- No red meat, no dairy, no citrus fruits, no strawberries (allergic), no white anything (white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup), no artifical sweeteners, no boxed foods or processed foods, nothing fried. All I eat is chicken, turkey, fish, olives, blueberries, apples,bananas, soy or almond milk pudding, beans, green tea, salad. I also take Vitamin C, D, turmeric, and fish oil supplements as well as my prescriptions. I am on my way to recovery!

--Go Macrobars in Chocolate Protein or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Yummy, healthy, and vegan. Thank goodness I found a sweet treat to enjoy besides soy pudding or almond milk pudding!

--Finding a new dentist and having heavy metal music play during my x-rays and cleaning.

--Going to the movies with my father. This used to be our every Saturday date and then I became a teenager. We saw Les Miserables and it was wonderful.

This look book from Wildfox Couture based on the movie Clueless.

--This version of Bad Romance covered by Halestorm:

What did you love in the month of January?

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