Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--11/25 Edition

Happy Thanksgiving To All of my Followers and Readers!

Here is what I am so much in love with this week!

--The new Girl Talk album "All Day". I found the download link via Gala Darling. So good...makes me want to throw a party and invite him to be the DJ.

--The Paris Versus New York blog. New York City is my lover, but Paris will always be my darling.

--Hearing my students use "pookie" to describe something terrible. It is cute!

--My new Olsenboye "Royal" boots. So comfy and roomy for leggings and thick socks if I want to.

--Crisp fall air.

--Said it once and I will say it again--THE WALKING DEAD on AMC. If you have not seen this show, what rock are you under?

--Finding the best presents for my friends and family for Chrishankwanzakah.

--All of the energy I have now due to eating healthy and adding apple cider vinegar and coconut oil back into my diet.

--My new knitted ear warmer with a big bow on the front from Forever 21.

--Wearing fishnet tights over regular tights to get a textured look.

--I know I have said it before but Apple Cinnamon tea. Yum!

--Honest Tea Pomegranate Tea. Oh my good.

--The Blogger Draft tool. So I can schedule blogs, forget about them, and then advertise them when I need to. SCORE!

--Winning two Elmo toys at a Sesame Street function and planning on donating them to Toys for Tots.

--Not feeling guilty for taking a day off of work last week. I wasn't feeling well and if I am run down and can't breathe, what service am I to my students? NONE.

--Being noticed in Union Square Park and blushing.

--Brainstorming summer vacations with David. So far. the thought of Los Angeles/San Diego/San Francisco has come up.

--My mom's homemade stuffing.

--Receiving texts from people I have not heard from in a long long time.

--David, Hudson, Sweetums, Mom, Dad, Nick: the biggest loves in my life!

--Reading Kat Von D's "The Tattoo Chronicles" and gaining inspiration for new tattoos!

--The National Dog Show on NBC after the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Love looking at dogs. I want them all!

--Creating my own Boutique on It is addicting though.

--Having the next four days off from work to recharge and clear my head.

What are you so much in love with this week, besides Thanksgiving?

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