Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My December Activity Guide

Besides Halloween, I will admit I still get excited for Christmas time. Things just seem to be more magical in the month of December. Lights and sparkle are everywhere. Last year, with inspiration from Gala Darling's December Activity Guide I wrote up my own and it made my month of December just that much more fun. Below you will find an outline of what I am doing this month to bring on the holiday cheer. Yes some of it might be cheesy but the point is to be FESTIVE! I do apologize for writing this on December 5th, but as you can tell...I have been busy!

December 1st: Gather Christmas music to make a mix for my iPod. Donate clothes to The Bowery Mission.

December 2nd: Make Star Wars glitter snowflakes.

December 3rd: Get holiday cards ready!

December 4th: Wear mistletoe headband at work and at the French Institute.

December 5th: Get some peppermint hot chocolate and enjoy Gingerbread Extravaganza at Le Parker Meridien.

December 6th: Get some chocolate coins and give them to people who make me smile.

December 7th: Wear Christmas ornament earrings at work and at the French Institute.

December 8th: Get some Ferrero Rocher chocolate or Godiva Chocolate for the NYC Vaginal Fantasy Book Club meet up.

December 9th: Go to Bryant Park, get some hot chocolate, and watch the ice skaters.

December 10th: Start writing out holiday cards.

December 11th: Watch something holiday related.

December 12th: Attend holiday party at The French Embassy.

December 13th: Start wrapping presents!

December 14th: Mail out holiday cards.

December 15th: Attend Unsilent Night in Washington Square Park at 7pm.

December 16th: Check out Christmas windows along 5th Avenue.

December 17th: Wear ugly Christmas sweater at work.

December 18th: Maybe take a picture with Santa Claus?

December 19th: Watch the Polar Express with my class.

December 20th: Get a manicure and make one nail sparkly.

December 21st: Go see How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Broadway with David.

December 22nd: Have Rankin Bass Christmas special marathon at home.

December 23rd: Visit nephews.

December 24th: Have dinner with David.

December 25th: Watch A Muppet Christmas Carol after opening presents.

I hope all of the readers of my blog have a wonderful holiday season!

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