Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sorry for My Absence

The last post I wrote on here was on September 6th when I discussed the death of my beloved best friend Sweetums. Ever since then I have not had the feeling to really write much. I have also noticed that I have not posted a Things I Love Thursday since July 19th! That is unacceptable. I need to start that feature again as I always felt good after writing it. You must be grateful; even for the tiny things in life. So this Thursday while I am in my Advanced Beginner French class at the French Institute Alliance Francaise ( a new TiLT will be posted. I also found a bunch of my old creative writing pieces that I did while in college and I am thinking of posting those too for your amusement/reading pleasure. Furthermore, I purchased a book called One Good Deed a Day. I will chronicle those too. Writing seems to be what keeps me grounded and happy so I must get back into it!

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