Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I Love Thursday -- June 28th Edition

Second round of Euflexxa shot in my left knee and an second M.R.I. would think I am some sort of athlete but I am just a Jersey/NYC Girl living the dream. This week has gone by in a big whirlwind but nonetheless a happy and grateful one. With this said, here is what I am in love with this week.

~~Thunderstorms that make references to The Mighty Thor
~~My dog Hudson being back to his usual goofy self.
~~When my joints pop and it relieves pressure and does not cause pain.
~~Reading three books at a time and not confusing/mixing plots together.
~~Going to a book event in a fashionable Lower East Side boutique.
~~Watching reality television with my mom, especially Swamp People and Hardcore Pawn.
~~Second half of French classes start today! Wondering if I should make a weekend/what I did blog post all in French?
~~That Sugar Slam 3: Batter Royal is in full swing!
~~The way my other dog Sweetums comes into my room and head butts me in the leg so I can scratch her.
~~In This Moments new song "Blood" Take a listen!
~~This graffiti I found on the way home from the book event
~~Having the author from the book event retweet and reply to my tweet. The book launch I went to was for Semi-Charmed Life by Nora Zelevansky. Blog about the event as well as the book comes out tomorrow!
~~Receiving a Chad Ochocinco Cincinnati Bengals jersey simply because he changed his name back to Chad Johnson and he is no longer on the Bengals.
~~Seeing some inappropriately dressed 8th graders during their awards ceremony. It is a lot of fun going " have a lot to learn" as well as "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Yes I am being judgmental but it is also a way of being nostalgic.

What are you in love with this week?

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