Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I Love Thursday -- June 21st Edition

As I sit here with my left knee stretched out on a chair since it is filled with fluid again, (hey I go hard I guess), here is what I am in love with this week:

~~My dad installing my air conditioner in my bedroom. Summer in NYC decided to show up like a bull in a china shop!

~~Catching up on my reading and leaving books/magazines in various spots in NYC.

~~Getting tickets to see Hugh Laurie with my friend V in September.

~~My new sunglasses from Lucky Cupcake Hair Clips! I got the 8 bit sunglasses in Black and Hello Kitty sunglasses in Black with White polka dot bow. Lucky Cupcake is also the one that has made my custom wrestler hair bows. She is AWESOME. Check her stuff out!

~~Having a dance party, well while sitting due to my knees, in my bedroom to WWE themes.

~~Late night conversations with Michael.

~~Making new friends via YouTube.

~~Finally using for my geek girl interests.

~~Veggie chips!

~~That my dog Hudson is well on his way to a speedy recovery from a pinched nerve.

~~The television show Dallas on TNT.

~~Summer trip anticipation and planning.

What are you in love with this week?


  1. I'm jealous of your hot summer in NYC! Here in the England it's not so warm and more rainy. Well done for having a party despite your knee - hope you feel better soon! You're a true Aries with your love of wrestling/girl geekiness ;)! x

  2. Hey there Madie! I prefer rainy slightly cool weather than blazing hot sweaty boobs weather. Thank you for your concern about my knees. I think I need a care package from England....any way you can put Prince Harry into a box and send him to me? Hehe.


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