Monday, June 29, 2015

The Q&A Twitter Chat That Went Incredibly Wrong

This afternoon I hope readers of the Internet had their bowls of popcorn ready. Why do you ask?

This happened today:

It became a big huge fireball of failure. E.L. James is doing some publicity campaigns for her latest dren which included a Twitter chat. Unfortunately, she is not answering any more questions, or any questions with actual relevance, but there were some amazing Twitter users asking the important questions filled with snark -- from asking about her “inspirations” and to the blatant call out of James’ horrible glorification of an abusive relationship.

Most people know about my disdain for E.L James. If you do not, here is my opinion in a nutshell -- the 8th grade class from this year who I had when they were in the 3rd grade have written essays, prose, poetry, and narratives with better quality and imagination than this author. Plus, I do not agree with the glamorization of domestic abuse and rape culture. Furthermore, while I do not know about the lifestyle that she horribly wrote about in great detail, I have heard various accounts that she misrepresented it.

I’m not sure which member of the marketing team thought that an open Q&A on Twitter was a good idea. In any event, I did partake in this hashtag and here is what I submitted: ‪

#‎AskELJames‬ Give advice on how you found a editor/publisher that was dumb enough to accept your mindless poorly written drivel.

#AskELJames Must feel great to dismiss an audience as you rack in their money for having no talent and misrepresentation of a lifestyle.
#AskELJames Do you realize that your chat is sponsored by a country that has no regard for women's rights?

#ASKELJames How does it feel to misrepresent an entire lifestyle to a group of women who've never before been exposed to it?

#AskELJames Have any advice on how single women can bag successful British screenwriters so their mindless drivel will get published?

#AskELJames How much breath have you baited for Stephanie Meyer's next novel?

#AskELJames How many nickels did you get for the overuse of the words "and" "then" "said"?

#AskELJames What is the safe word for "stop writing such crap"?

#AskELJames Are you considering retelling the story from the perspective of someone who can actually formulate a coherent sentence?

#AskELJames Have you decided to do research on erotica before publishing another book?

#AskELJames Are you aware that the majority of your writing is compared to that of a middle school student?

Now time to get back to my scheduled reading of English literature.

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