Sunday, November 30, 2014

Things I Love -- November 2014 Edition

Oh my it the end of November already? Before I know it, I will have to do my 2014 Pop Culture Favorites blog and Best of 2014 blog! But with that being said....lets do this months THINGS I LOVE.

Here is what I love for the month of November:

--This video from Nerdist:

--Enjoying some vintage pinball games with the one I love.

--Using lines from Spaceballs in comments for pictures on my Facebook.

--Cinnamon bun candles that make my room smell like fall as finally arrived.

--This video:

--Knowing that karma will strike at any moment and that I can not wait for it.

--After work gossip with co-workers I do not get to see all that often.

--Trying to instill that THANKSGIVING must come so that we can have Christmas to my students. I love the holidays as much as the next person but I really do not like this whole "Black Thursday" thing or Summer than Christmas. Its Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas!

--Listening to my love snore.

--Heated blankets that keep me snuggly and warm.

--Knowing that my love has my back period. I got into a huge fight with my family and he listened, tried to console, tried to cheer me up, and was just overall awesome.

--Allenberry Murder Mystery weekends. It was my third time going and I won again this year! I am a detective...I know this.

--Being thankful for what I have and not participating in any Black Thursday/Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff. There is nothing I need that badly.

What are you in love with this month?

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