Friday, January 31, 2014

Things I Love -- January 2014 Edition

Why hello there faithful reader! In case you do not know what this series is about -- this blog is where I tell you all of the things have made me swoon with love for the month. I still keep a daily gratitude/love list but instead of writing that every day, or every week, I decided to keep it to once a month. It helps me keep the positive and the smile on my face that I love. It is a great habit to get into when you are feeling blue. Something about writing down the positives in your life is just so uplifting! Try it sometime and tell me if I am wrong that your mood does not change.

With that said, here is what I love for the month of January!

--That this is my first blog post for the year 2014.

--That I do not let little things get to me/stress me out.

--That most of my students grasped the concept of counting by 2s with a trick I shown.

--Nice conversations throughout my workday that make me smile.

--For people willing to watch me inject myself with Humira so the pain is not as bad.

--Heated blankets during this polar vortex.

--Air popped popcorn with a mixture of cinnamon sugar and sea salt. Nom and yum!

--Getting used to methotrexate (one of the drugs I have to take for RA) not wiping me out/making me tired.

--Comfy warm sweaters with hearts on them.

--My unicorn slippers when my feet are worn and tired.

--Warm chocolate almond milk on a snowy night.

--Receiving "good morning beautiful" messages before I go to work.

--Egg white sandwiches on panini bread.

--Watching Jeopardy! and getting an entire category correct.

--Blueberries on anything.

--Using Nair for the first time on my nether regions and having it worked and not being sensitive afterward.

--Finally getting my foster cat, Domino, adopted!

--Chicken wings, fresh herb crackers, and Argo Tea on Fridays after work for relaxation.

--Comfy trapeze style dresses that do not make me look pregnant.

--Losing a whole person without the aid of gastric bypass or some other kind of stomach stapling surgery.

--Being part of a wrestling podcast again.

--Sending my friends surprises just because.

--The return of Sherlock!

--Having a "lets turn my phone off for the night and see if anyone will text/voicemail me without me doing it first" experiment fail as I received a phone call from a long lost friend from ISCA BBS.

--Smelling like a marshmallow gingerbread cupcake.

--Walking in the snow with a huge smile on my face.

--Having songs by Frank Sinatra dedicated to me.

--Getting a crystal clear stream of WWE Royal Rumble on my computer. Thanks Joe!

--The talk show Bethenny. Did not think I would like it as much as I do.

So my faithful, what are you in love with for the month of January?

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