Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things I Love Thursday -- October 2013 Edition

Two great things are happening today.

One it is HALLOWEEN!

Two it is time for THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY the monthly edition!

Here is what I am in love with for the month of October.

--The first episode of Cooking Hostile featuring Phil Anselmo:

--The Village Halloween Parade happening and that I could be a part of it.

--The makeup jobs I did for NYC Zombie Crawl. I am getting better and better at it every time I try. Thanks Doug Sakmann for the opportunity!

--Getting to do all of my activities on my Countdown to Halloween blog. It really put me in the spirit.

--My name in lights…sort of…for being a Kickstarter backer for the NYC Village Halloween Parade

--That my legs have kept on with my antics this month. From Blood Manor to NYC Zombie Crawl to NYC Village Halloween Parade, I am glad to say that I am feeling good.

--My students faces after they saw me all made in as a cat.

--My students appreciation for the goodie bags I gave them for Halloween. Sometimes stickers, games, and flashing necklaces go a long way.

--Keeping up with my Countdown to Halloween blog; even if I did not do everything on it. Perhaps a Countdown to Thanksgiving blog?

What are you in love with this month? I hope everyone had a great Halloween month like I did.

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