Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things I Love Thursday -- July 2013 Edition

Summer is in full swing and you know that means....


Here is what I have been in love with for the month of July.

--Setting a reading goal for the month of July.

--Being a volunteer for Major League Baseball All Star Summer.

--Despicable Me 2! Love me some minions! I need to get one of my own.
**This is not me guys. This is the awesome Meghan also known as Strawburry17. She is AMAZING and a total inspiration.***

--The fact that I can in a chair, bend forward, and kiss my knees. Thats right KISS MY KNEES. Have not had that ability in a long long time.

--This article from Veronica Varlow which rings very true: 3 Ways to Know if Someone is Great in Bed All Before the Dessert Arrives

--All of the support from my family and friends that I have received lately due to something that I should have done a long long time ago. You ladies and gents are the best!

--Receiving the New Beauty Test Tube for Summer and loving all of the products.

--That my favorite comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, will have its own documentary!:

--Having a friend of mine make this for me when the royal baby was born:

--Is it November yet?:

--Having the ability to still work a room even though I have not attended a mixer/mingling thing in a long long time.

--Feeling amazing and walking without my cane for the first time in MONTHS.

--This sandwich: Nine flavour combinations in one sandwich! Well I would have to change the strawberry jam to grape but still...awesome!

--The Netflix show Orange is the New Black. Truly amazing!

--Still enjoying dark brooding AJ Styles on TNA Wrestling.

What have you been in love with for the month of July?

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