Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I Love Thursday -- June 2013 Edition

6 months into 2013 and we have successfully survived the Rapture and the Apocalypze and all of the other urban legend type of things. It it is also the end of the month and you know what that means...


Here is what I am in love with for the month of June

--This article: 17 Ways to Tell You Have Been in Your Relationship Forever Some points are just very very true and on point.

--To officially be on summer vacation. This school/work year has been hell. It is nice to have a break.

--Pacifica Coconut Water cleansing wipes. Wow are these things good when you are in the heat and can't get your butt to the shower. Helped a lot this month and a great investment.

--Journey savory nutrition bars. Such a great snack.

--BeneFit Bo-ing! concealer. It helps cover up the dark puffy circleness under my eyeballs as well as the redness on my forehead quite well as most concealers I have tried do not.

--The book Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. It was so good I read it twice in one month and I do not do that. This book was paid it forward to a friend of mine.

--The Tangle Teezer Salon Elite detangling hairbrush. With having long mermaid hair I get lots of tangles and knots and this brush did the trick of getting them out. Plus it did not hurt!

--Excited for this video game to be released:

--Becoming a Sephora Very Important Beauty Insider. Going to reap those benefits!

--Becoming an Offical Sponsor plus a Prize Sponsor for Sugar Slam IV. Read all of the details here: Sugar Slam IV: Ready To Crumble

--This song:

--This video:

--The combination of aloe vera gel and moringa olefera oil (Thanks Natalie Slater from Bake and Destroy!) to clear up the red bumps and patchy,scaly, snakeskin like skin on my forehead.

--Being a guest on two wrestling radio podcasts on the same night. Thanks Angry Marks Network and Kayfabe Wrestling Radio!

--My favorite band Queensryche came out with a new album called Frequency Unknown and it is EXCELLENT. If you look at the album cover, Geoff Tate has a nice message to the band who tried to take Queensryche away from him. Listen to the first single on this new EP and tell me that Geoff isn't making a point:

What are you in love with this month?

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