Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things I Love Thursday -- May Edition

Wow is it May already? Flowers blooming, sun is shining, knees cracking and popping....that could mean it is time for a...


Here is what I am in love with for the month of May.

~~Ginger candy. Yes ginger candy. It is powerful, strong, sweet and very spicy. Plus it is considered an anti-inflammatory. Love.

~~This news article. Just wish I could re-animate my cousin Tommy: A Possible Cure for AIDS within months!

--Correcting NBC News anchor Scott Stanford while he was on the air via Twitter thus him retweeting what I said to him. Here are my tweets:
JoiseyDani ‏@JoiseyDani
Can someone please hit @scottstanford1 upside his head? ITS STAR WARS DAY NOT STAR TREK DAY YOU LUNKHEAD!

JoiseyDani ‏@JoiseyDani
@scottstanford1 Its Star WARS Day not Star Trek Day! Never in Trek history was "May the force be with you" uttered.

--SeaSnax in Classic Olive (Seaweed, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt) They were strangely addicting.

--Colgate Wisps. Perfect for when my teeth do not feel clean and I can not get to a sink with some toothpaste.

--Trader Joes' Ginger mints. Nummy!

--Grilled Salmon sushi from Whole Foods Market. (Wow it seems this month's TiLT is food related but that is okay.)

--This Math video. I am a Math geek. I am not ashamed to hide it!

--Applying to a be a vlogger on Geek and Sundry Vlogs. Wish me luck!

--Wearing a flower crown to work and not giving a care about the stares I received.

--Getting an awesome opportunity for the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field which happens on July 16, 2013

--Nerdy Nummies on You Tube! I swear I will re-create some of her creations someday.

What are you in love with this month?

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